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Hungry Hippo Café

At Jungle Jam, the stimulating activities are sure to work up the kids' appetites. Our Hungry Hippo Café includes most children's favourites on its menu, such as popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, ice-cream, smoothies, soft drinks and fruit juices.

The Hungry Hippo Café also carries many items that will appeal to those having a preference for healthier eating, such as fresh salads and grilled sandwiches and wraps.

And we have a special treat for the parents - our wide range of gourmet coffees.

The entire family is sure to enjoy meal time within our spacious and comfortable dining area, which also features complimentary Wi-Fi for our guests.

The kitchen and dining areas of the Café are continuously cleaned throughout the day and again after business hours by a contracted cleaning company. This is because we take pride at Jungle Jam in ensuring that our facilities are maintained to the utmost sanitation standards.